Cassandra Elliott has been a mentor for over 25 years. She has mentored worship leaders, choir directors, and ministers of music for various ministries across the United States. She is a mentor that walks with you in life and ministry, ensuring integrity in your kingdom assignment.

She consults with pastors and their ministries in the area of developing and establishing healthy music ministries because music ministry is not only about music, but about the word of God. It is important that those that serve know the God that they are singing about.

She has several trainings that are available for ministries, and she makes them available to each church she is called upon to serve.

Cassandra takes joy in this Kingdom assignment to serve as a worship leader, minstrel, songwriter, preacher, teacher and mentor.

She is the founder and CEO of the Gathering Experience, which takes place annually every December. It has now been in existence for 10 years. This is a period of time when she gathers minstrels, psalmists and fine arts ministries to come together for a time of unrestrained worship in the presence of the Lord. She is so excited that God has chosen her to birth this into the earth.

Cassandra is accepting new mentees. Please visit her Contact page.

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