Cassandra Elliott has a heart to spread hope to those who have experienced extreme difficulty in their lives in the area of sickness illness affliction and ailments of all time. Cassandra Elliott is it survivor of kidney disease now a transplant patient 12 years. She is a 4 year cancer survivor and a survivor of a minor stroke. She believes in Isaiah 53:4-5 and Jeremiah 30:17 and Psalms 107:20. It is her heart's desire to speak into the lives of those who have suffered these difficulties share her story how she overcame. How the power of God in her life positions her to believe. She held on to her faith to receive her signs wonders and miracles.

You really want to hear her story period how God did it so openly so that Faith was increased by all that were there to see God’a Mighty work.

Cassandra is available for booking. Please visit her contact page.